postal center

postal center - A free-standing enclosed unit that contains post office box modules (100 to 300 boxes). The center has a collection receptacle and a stamp vending machine, and it may have parcel lockers.

Glossary of postal terms. 2014.

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  • self-service postal center — (SSPC) An unstaffed postal unit that uses vending machines to provide postage stamps and other retail products and services. (Also see postal commodity machine and stamp vending machine) …   Glossary of postal terms

  • postal commodity machine — (PCM) Equipment that dispenses postage stamps, retail products, and stamped envelopes. This type of retail equipment is used in post office lobbies, shopping malls, and other self service vending locations. (Also see self service postal center) …   Glossary of postal terms

  • postal data center — (PDC) (obsolete) (See information systems service center) …   Glossary of postal terms

  • postal business center — (PBC) A USPS unit that helps the small and medium volume mailer learn about postal products and services …   Glossary of postal terms

  • postal employee development center — (PEDC) Field units located in specific postal facilities that provide areawide training and development support services for all USPS personnel on a continuing basis. They are equipped with self instructional material and audiovisual equipment… …   Glossary of postal terms

  • Postal Service Training and Development Institute — (PST&DI) (See Management Academy) (Formerly known as postal training center) …   Glossary of postal terms

  • Postal Source Data System — (PSDS) An electronic data processing network that gathers operational and administrative data (such as mail volume and labor hours) from large post offices. It gathers the data with little or no manual intervention, processes it at a central site …   Glossary of postal terms

  • Center for Leadership Development — The William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development provides managerial, supervisory, technical, and functional training. The academy is located in Potomac, MD …   Glossary of postal terms

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